I don’t just ramble on here, sometimes I’m mentioned in and write in other publications, you can find a selection of my work below:

Baby’s First Christmas: ‘Flashing lights, less routine, Care Doc, commotion and crabbiness’

CHRISTMAS IS A time for firsts: your first Christmas as a couple, first as husband and wife, first in a new house, first with a newborn or first with a child that believes in the magic of Santa Claus. Read more

Is a woman’s place in the home? Our constitution says so

Our constitution says a woman’s place is in the home. But is it? Taragh Loughrey-Grant talks to Orla O’Connor, Director of National Women’s Council of Ireland and stay at home dad and DaddyPoppins aka Benny Finlay. Watch video

Online Lives: Benny Finlay – Auctioneer turned parenting blogger

An interview for the Irish Examiner: “I love writing and humour (particular puns and dad jokes) and so decided to combine the two,” he said. It allows me to document life a a stay at home dad in Ireland, tell as many dad jokes as is humanly possible, poke fun at nursery rhymes and the embarrassing situations you find yourself in while minding kids, point out the differences of being a male in a predominately female role and just have a level of adult interaction as I go about my daily life.”

Read more


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