Dad Music: Is it hip to be square?

At what point do Dads stop being their kids role models and become ‘square old fogies’ who are out of touch? It’s bound to happen, once again, the Simpsons called it way back…

I mean, the music charts already astound me, I’ve morphed into a weird hybrid between Abe Simpson and my Dad..

  • “How’s that even a song?”
  • “Is that what passes for talent these days?”
  • ”Could they sing without the auto tune?”
  • ”I preferred the original!!”
  • ”Who’s yer man shouting over the song?”
Side note: Daddy P does not consider DJ Khaled to be 'one of the best producers in the game' but thought the meme should get the credit. He's no Dr. Dre guys!!
Side note: Daddy P does not consider DJ Khaled to be ‘one of the best producers in the game’ but thought the meme should get the credit. He’s no Dr. Dre guys!!

I don’t really listen to the radio anymore to be brutally honest, it’s either; commercial autotuned shit, fake R’n’B chart crap, depressing rolling news, economy talk or late night niche alternative stuff when all I want is familiarity or a decent beat.

Todays top 40 in meme form
Todays top 40 in meme form

I’m not ashamed to say it but, ‘My finger is no longer on the pulse’, in fact it’s nowhere near any vein. It’s most likely pointing back towards the past where I’m happier. Gone are the days when I’d confidently name the song and artist of anything from a 20 second intro.

So? Who cares about your previous ‘intro prowess’ - Simon Cowell  
So? Who cares about your previous ‘intro prowess’ – Simon Cowell  

I bought a copy of ‘Appetite for Destruction’ the other day (€7!! How could I pass that up, eh?)

I’m “its not music unless I can actually hold it in my hands” years old

and it got me thinking… are the likes of Guns and Roses and Nirvana, the Beatles and Kinks of my generation? (I know they aren’t really comparable but hear me out) I remember as a kid listening to the Beatles in the car with my Dad (mainly the early stuff because he thought it was more ‘kid friendly’). #thebeatlesboybandera

Yes, that era.
Yes, that era.

Don’t get me wrong I won’t be introducing my 7 year old to ‘Rocket Queen’ by Guns n Roses anytime soon (for much the same reasons as my father seemed to disregard the whole ‘hippie’ and ‘Sergeant Pepper’ era Beatles with me) although I might belt out Paradise City to knock the cobwebs off him on the school run sometime 😜, Muwhahaha.

I love plenty of bands from before my time and I hope to pass a love of music onto my children. (I find it really amusing that kids of today could ask us about growing up during the ‘Britpop battle’ between Oasis and Blur in the same we enquired about the Beatles and the Stones from our elders).

The defining question of our generation
The defining question of our generation

I’m sure as they grow they’ll love new and exciting acts that I just can’t fathom either, much like my father before me. You should have seen his face during my Prodigy and Rage Against the Machine phases.

”The times they are a changing” 

                – Bob Dylan

 ”Who’s that whinging old man?”

                – My Son’s generation  


Get to the point Daddy P!!

Well, I’ve concluded that its only a matter of time before I’m subjected to this generations equivalent (of Rage Against the Machine) and I’ll make that same face (see above). It’s genetic. And you know what? I’m ok with that because in time it’ll all come full circle and my little man will make that same unfathomable scrunched up face as his pre-teen tests the musical waters and then, then he’ll understand ……that it’s hip to be square.

Please note that Daddy Poppins doesn’t consider himself ‘Square’ but totally understands that younger generations probably do. 

Do you think you are ‘with it’?

More importantly do your kids? 

let me know in the comments

12 thoughts on “Dad Music: Is it hip to be square?

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  1. It’s cyclical. I was raised on a diet of early Bruce Springsteen and punk. I had a brief foray into dance music as was the done thing at the time, realised it was crap and stuck on the Stiff Little Fingers. On that basis I think square dads have a certain responsibility: indoctrinate the child into ‘proper’ music because it’s what they’ll inevitably return to once they’ve had a little go with whatever’s popular at school.
    Having said that by the time my toddler is picking his favourite song we’ll probably be in some post-music nightmare where you stream repetitive rhythms direct to the brain.


    1. Oh I intend to indoctrinate my kids in proper music but feel you have to wean them in gradually. I generally listen to anyone with talent. All genres. I don’t mind dance music at all in fact I’m a big fan of proper electronica (these EDM fools give proper musicians a bad name). Stiff little fingers eh? There’s a blast from the past. Being Irish I’m more than aware of them. A bit before my time though. But without them there’d be no Therapy? 😱


  2. You know what, I’m finding I’m getting back into music as my kids get older. Sure, I was out the scene completely for years but I find the reverse is happening! I’ll be that sad 50yo dad stood at the back of gigs tapping my foot while my kids are at the front having an amazing time.


  3. So it’s not just me then that doesn’t feel as though I truly own it unless I can put it in a box and keep it in a drawer? Long live CDs! (Don’t even ask me about my cassettes. Oh I also have VHS videos.) Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam !


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