What is the funniest/strangest thing your kid has asked Santa for?

So, I had so much fun collating the ‘worst Christmas present you’ve ever received post‘ that I decided to ask the t’interwebs what the funniest/strangest thing their kid ever asked Santa for?

I’ve asked for and received some weird presents in my time. My brother and I used to add one ‘unattainable item’ to every Santa list just to watch our parents sweat. The only one I can currently remember is the ‘inflatable killer whale’ he requested in the mid 80’s, before the internet, in Ireland, where we have 1 summer every 4-5 years. It turned up…. 20 something years later.… fully inflated, beached in our sitting room on Christmas morning. He was still delighted, even if he was almost 30 at the time.

My mother went through a phase of buying me a goat, not a real one mind you. She used to pay for one for a village in Africa and I got a card that said ‘Thanks for the goat!’ (as noble and charitable as that is it didn’t really do it for me when I was 17 and wanted the latest Grand Theft Auto)

Yes, its a real game, involving goats and explosions Yes, its a real game, involving goats and explosions

She wasn’t so impressed when I started to buy her chickens for a village in Africa in return (I couldn’t afford a goat). She also once bought me an unrequested illuminous yellow microwave, although in retrospect it turned out to be quiet useful but again, you tell that to a young adult who’s siblings are playing with their latest fun gadgets… (or inflatable killer whale)

“Anyone need soup heated up?”

So what did the kids ask for Daddy P? Stop rambling and spit it out!!

Well, Hayley from Hayleys Little Things has the unenviable task of finding “A real life mermaid”

I sense disappointment ahead. Prepare your 'Santa doesnt have a water tank on his sleigh style excuse' now Hayley

I sense disappointment ahead. Prepare your ‘Santa doesn’t have a water tank on his sleigh style excuse’ now Hayley

Stacey over at Simply Stacey has the must easier task of locating “a spinning spaghetti fork”.

Still beats trying to find a Mermaid though eh? Still beats trying to find a Mermaid though eh?

Michaela from Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum has a smart little cookie on her hands. Daddy Poppins thinks that this little man is going places. So what does he want for Christmas? “A printer so that he can print things from the internet instead of writing his homework”. I want to invest in this little guy, his thinking screams ‘Profit’ or ‘Prophet’ (either spelling could be applicable). #legend

Can I subscribe to your kids newsletter?

Can I subscribe to your kid’s newsletter?

Gorgeous George’s Mama informed me that her friend (Mad Mum of 3 Boys) child decided that they wanted “a Pheasant”, you can imagine how that conversation went:

Kid: I want a Pheasant

Mum: We know you want a present, what present would you like?

Kid: A Pheasant!

Mum: I’m sure he’s saying ‘Pheasant’

Mum: Are you saying ‘P-r-e-s-e-n-t’ or ‘P-h-e-a-s-a-n-t’?

Kid: PHEASANT!!!!!

Mum: *stunned silence

He wants a live one!! you're still being cooked. He wants a live one!! you’re still being cooked.

On the face of it, Bethanie over at My Mother Hood‘s kid seems to have a much more sensible request, “A new lead for his pet dog”. However, “He doesn’t have a pet and hates dogs”

Vikki from Family Travel with Ellie 5 year old daughter asked for “Diamonds” in her letter to Santa last year…. and in brackets she had clearly specified that they must be real. Well, you know ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’.

Laura from Savings 4 Savy Mums little one says she wants “Another sister!!” and not only that she announced in a room full of family. You could hear a pin drop. 

Laura doesn't produce 'sleepers' Laura doesn’t produce ‘sleepers’

Eva from Captain Bobcat‘s little one has a simple request “a Rainbow”. Yup, just like that, “her own rainbow”. Daddy Poppins say ‘a hose and some sunshine, SORTED’

Kirsty from the The Winnettes 4 year old daughter has asked for “a Unicorn. A real-life one like the one she dreams about”. And apparently, Santa will definitely bring her one because “your dreams come true if you wish hard enough” Kirsty added.. If you need me I will be erasing all traces of Disney from our life!

Rebecca from Kizmetcava said, My daughter asked for only two things one year and there was no swaying for her. She asked for “some blue tac and a real boy called George”. She gets blue tac in her stocking every year now, she is still waiting for a real boy called George’.

“Eh? Who’s the guy in our sitting room Mammy?”

You have to feel for Pete from Household Money Savings when at age 4 his daughter wanted “Her Head Teacher to be her Dad”, that sucks Pete!! You know what they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side”.

Emmy from Misadventurous Mummy said “Not my kid, but me. I was desperate (and heartbroken when it didn’t happen) for a moustache just like my dads!”. Now that she’s older, and sprouting random hairs on her face (her words not mine, I’m cheeky but not that cheeky), She’s “hoping that her letter to Santa wasn’t lost in the mail and recently rediscovered!”

So that’s it at this time, I’m all “meme’d out”, I must say I enjoy doing these even if they’re a bit time consuming. Hope you got a laugh from it.

Have your kids asked for anything as weird and wonderful as these gifts?

If I don’t see ya, Happy Christmas. 

Daddy Poppins

14 thoughts on “What is the funniest/strangest thing your kid has asked Santa for?

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  1. You had me giggling aloud with this! The meme’s just added to the kids cute but frustratingly impossible requests! I once changed my mind with everything I’d asked for on Christmas Eve when I wrote my letter to Santa… My mum was NOT impressed hahah!Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!


  2. Lol. These are hilarious. Mad Mum will be so chuffed you mentioned her. I’ll send her the link. Thanks for the shoutout. The goats and chickens gifting is just so classic lol.
    Merry Christmas all x


  3. Ha this had me giggling! But seriously can you actually get a spinning spaghetti fork as I think it would be cool. My little boy showed me a Christmas list, we went and bought a few things off the list and then he came home with another 10 lists from preschool! I think someone may be disappointed. And then to top it off when we saw Santa he asked for a zombie game. He’s never seen anything with a zombie in so heaven knows where this has come from! #TriumphantTales


  4. This is brilliant! Love the memes, and I kind of feel ok now that my daughter has asked for a guitar and a microphone, and my 3 year old son wants a drum kit. I’m asking Santa for noise reducing ear phones! 🙉 Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x


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